The outlook on the ruble

Currency pair USD / RUB is at the lower border of the price channel, the failure level test tells one that is near and the growth of the currency pair to the upper boundary, more precisely, to 67 rubles per dollar.
Has formed a figure head and shoulders (inverted), this is the same number is confirmation of dollar growth.
The only way, at this point to cancel the increase, it is a drop below 61.50


I recommend the market to buy the currency pair, for the purpose of 66.77
Stoploss recommend to put at 61.70

I give beginners forecasts for interest currency pairs.
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Analysis A. Kobets

Financial markets provide a high level of risk.
Use my predictions as a recommendation rather than as a call to action.

24 August 2016

Kiev accused Russia in pursuit of Ukrainian race
CNN: Ukraine Donbass easier to give than restore it

• Ruble Ukraine will become a freely convertible currency »»»
Russian ruble will become a freely convertible currency. It will make the group the first group of exchange of foreign currencies classifier and precious metals of the National Bank of Ukraine.
• Ukraine decided to make the ruble a reserve currency »»»
National Bank of Ukraine intends to make the ruble a reserve currency.
• Default of Ukraine led to a sharp drop hryvnia - it is 25.5, and it is not the limit »»»
Technical default of Ukraine, declared yesterday at a meeting of the permanent commission ISDA, led to a sharp drop in the national currency.
• The external debt of Ukraine decreased by 5.6% - or Peremoga zrada? »»» Alexander Okhrimenko Model "IMF loans to stimulate the growth of private foreign loans" are not justified.
• Disclosed the reasons for the international financial crisis »»»
The crisis - a process in which the previously over-priced (acquired prior to the crisis unrealistically high value) acquire the assets of its new, realistic and fair (according to market participants) cost.