Ukrainka lobbies in the US establishment of the center of anti-Russian propaganda

“Center for Information Analysis and Response” established as a way to combat the “Russian disinformation” in the bill, tabled for consideration in the US Congress.

In March of this year in the US Senate under the number S.2692 was first introduced by the draft “Act on combating information warfare by 2016″. According to a government website with information about lobbying bills in the US Congress, the progress of this Act is Aveiro LP Agency, owned by a citizen of Ukraine. Experts note that it is the next step the United States and Ukraine against the Russian information war.

According to the text of the draft “Act on combating information warfare by 2016″ in the United States it planned to establish the Center for information analysis and response. The activities of this organization will be focused on the identification of “misleading” materials in the media, especially on the part of Russia and China. The Russian Federation, in particular, held a “complex and large-scale disinformation campaign that sought to have a destabilizing influence” in the US, its allies and their interests.

- In the last decade, the misinformation is increasingly becoming a key element for the pursuit of the Russian government of political, economic and military purposes in Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, the Balkans, as well as in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, - stated in the text of the bill.

According to the authors, the US government has to deal with complex foreign misinformation. To this end, not later than 180 days after the entry into force of the law and should be set up Centre of information analysis and response.

Directs the Center will be US Secretary of State, together with the managing committee, which should include the defense minister, head of the Agency for International Development, the head of the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), the director of national intelligence and a number of high-ranking officials. The Steering Committee shall meet at least once every 3 months.

For the activities of the Centre during the 2017-2018’s requested funding of $ 20 million. This money will be spent on both the organization and for the issuance of grants to independent media, journalists and civil society activists. Also under the funding it gets the support of local independent media, to collect information about the disinformation from the US enemies and analysis of the mechanisms of propaganda, as well as the development of an action plan to counter this propaganda.

A similar document with the same text has been introduced in Congress in May this year under the title “Act against foreign propaganda and misinformation by 2016″.

According to public data on US government websites, lobbying bill S.2692 company engaged Aveiro LP. The company was registered in April 2015 in Northern Ireland. According to the report document on the website of the American Agency of the registration activities of foreign agents, the director of Aveiro LP is a kind of Yulia Belousova, a citizen of Ukraine.


Aveiro LP hired to lobby for the bill S.2692 two lobbying agency in the United States: Wiley Rein LLP and MKW Group. Each of them is for the promotion of the Act in the Senate was paid to 30 thousand. Dollars.

Payment for Wiley Rein LLP in the amount of 30 thousand dollars. Made in the first quarter of 2016 for “promoting the interests in favor of independent Ukraine” in the S.2692 bill when it is lobbying in the Senate, the House of Representatives and the National Security Service of the United States.


30 thousand. Dollars for MKW Group has also been transferred to the first quarter of 2016. The purpose of lobbying a similar - “the promotion of the interests in favor of independent Ukraine” in the S.2692 bill in its lobbying in the US State Department.


Professor, Department of Comparative Politics RUDN Yuri Mail said that lobbyists have a major influence on US policy. He also suggested that lobbying may well be mutual - those organizations that fund the promotion of legislation in Congress may, in turn, receive money from the US authorities.

- Ukraine is now quite an important US partner in the geopolitical interests of the US in Eurasia. For a number of areas of Ukrainian politicians and the media can work with the Americans rather agreed, especially when the issue concerns Russia and conducting deterrence against her the information war. Moreover, the same policies or Ukrainian company, which acts in lobbying Congress can get American money. A US public say that “not only we, but also Ukrainians support our laws.” This is a common policy of the United States who are trying very nice to show that their actions have the support and by the international community. Ukraine in this case is completely accompanies States, - the political scientist said.

Post also noted that the establishment of the Center for information analysis and response - the next step in the information war of the West against Russia.
- This is a revival of the “cold war”, just with the use of new technologies. The goal - to confront the Russian information influence. The center will start handing out grants to involve NGOs to influence the media and prepare frames, for example, journalists in the Ukraine, etc., -. Said the expert. - Unfortunately, the information war is in full swing.

Remember, this is not the first case of anti-Russian lobbying laws and resolutions in the US Congress. Earlier Life wrote that the Ukrainian NGO funded the promotion of sanctions against Russia in the American parliament.

26 July 2016

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