Boss rides. What Ukraine is waiting for Biden’s visit

The arrival of US Vice President associated with the personnel changes in the Ukrainian government, the provision of financial and military aid.
On December 7, Ukraine to come the US Vice President Joe Biden.
The visit of the American Ukrainian politicians expect, as a decisive test or check.
In recent days, all the political events in the country is explained by the arrival of the US Vice President.
His name is linked the solution of the people’s deputy Mykola Martynenko, a close associate of Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, renounce the mandate after allegations of corruption.
Also, the arrival of Biden explained and threats oligarch Dmitry Firtash from the government, after which the businessman wanted by the United States, changed his mind to return to Ukraine.
Experts and observers associated with the arrival of US Vice President and future rotation in the upper echelons of power.
Of understood what to expect from Biden’s visit to Ukraine.

The program of the visit
The White House has voiced a two-day program of Biden’s visit to Ukraine.
A US official to arrive in Kiev on Sunday evening. On Monday, the vice president will hold a round table with the reformers, representatives of civil society and government, and then will have two bilateral meetings - with Petro Poroshenko, and in the evening - with Arseniy Yatsenyuk.
On Tuesday, Biden will speak in the Verkhovna Rada. The White House is considered a historic event, before any of the Vice-Presidents of the United States in the Ukrainian parliament has not acted.
Finally, Biden meet with the mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko, after which the US official will travel back to the United States.

Topics trip
In the US, the main purpose of the visit of his vice president in Kiev so called - “provide a strong signal of support for Ukraine”.
It is expected that Biden will discuss with Ukrainian politicians execution of the Minsk Agreement, the sanctions against Russian and anti-corruption reforms.
“The vice president is committed to providing a strong signal of our support for Ukraine in conditions where Russia continues military intervention and supports separatism in Donbas. In recent months, fighting a little subsided, compared to how it was before, but still along the contact line of the aggression. And the separatists and their Russian backers, do not fulfill their obligations under the Minsk Agreement, “- said the speaker of the White House Josh Ernest, presenting the program of Biden’s visit to Ukraine the press.
Biden also once again express the position of Ukraine in the United States over the annexation of the Crimea.
In addition, one of the topics will be cooperation in the field of defense.

Staffing issues
“Surrounded by Biden well know names Martynenko and Kononenko, and the mention of Shokina causes despair. The visit will be a cold shower for the corrupt in power,” - announced a major personnel decisions after the visit of Vice-President of the People’s Deputy Sergei Leshchenko.

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