Poroshenko got into a war of Transcarpathia

Mukachevo could once again become a hot spot on the map of Ukraine. Poroshenko took the suppression of the local elite, in order to clean up the region, and the subjugation of enemies belonging contraband flows. The whole story is a whole lot harder than confrontation between the authorities and the “Right Sector”, to which it tried to reduce. And the supreme arbiter US ambassador.

In the Transcarpathian Mukachevo second series matures thriller involving thugs from the “Right Sector *”, corrupt policemen and motivated deputies. Unlike the first part, a fascinating and sometimes deadly battle, shrouded in smoke contraband cigarettes, moved from city streets and in the public prosecutor’s offices on the pages of Internet publications, where opponents continue to pour compromising each other. However, one thing remains constant: the role of the sheriff, to the wisdom and omnipotence that appeal all the warring parties, continues to support the US ambassador Jeffrey Payette.

It Payette and Igor Mosiychuk, former spokesman for the battalion scandalous “Azov” and now a member of parliament and a member of the investigative commission of the Verkhovna Rada of Inquiry on 11 July 2015 in Mukachevo, recently addressed his open letter anonymous employees of the Criminal Investigation Department Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region. The essence of their claims is to ensure that the regional and city police managers require their subordinates to falsify material relating to the incident in Mukachevo. The goal - compromise “Right Sector” and concealment of evidence of joint actions of law enforcement and criminal elements during the high-profile events. In short, police authorities, informed in advance about the upcoming visit as a “pravosekov” in Mukachevo, and about what the routes and what weapons they are going to arrive at the unofficial capital of Transcarpathia, deliberately allowed Yarosh militants staged a massacre in broad daylight, registering an event with the help of special equipment. Only then was ordered to capture members of the SS, fell deeply in pursuit of shooting and explosions, hostage-taking and multi-day search for criminals through thick forest thickets.

The authors of the letter focused specifically recipients that part of the operative video, depicting the time of the attack of militants on guard sport center “Antares” and subsequent destruction of a machine gun and grenade police cars, no less quickly, quite illegally and without the help of the now former Head of the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs Sergei Sharanicha into the hands of the people’s deputy Mustafa Nayemu, lay them on the Internet. Fragments of operational shooting, which can be seen in the Sabbath day, armed members of the local organized crime groups (in which the leader and came “pravoseki”) to freely enter and leave the “Antares”, the local police authorities ordered his subordinates to destroy under threat of dismissal.
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19 August 2015

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