In Ukraine revoked the licenses of all Russian banks

Due to the ownership structure of the Russian National Commission on Securities and Stock Market has canceled the license for certain activities in the stock market five banks, said the commission.

In particular, at the last meeting, which took place on July 24 considered the question NKTSBFR confirmation determine whether control of persons of other countries engaged in armed aggression against Ukraine in respect of the five banks: Sberbank, Prominvestbank, VTB Bank, VS Bank and BM Bank.
To all of them, it was decided to cancel the license to engage in certain kinds of professional activity in the stock market.
As you know, PJSC “Sberbank” financial institution controlled by the same name by Russian. 99.97 percent of the shares belong to the Russian VTB Bank “VTB Bank”. 97.85 percent of the shares owned by the Russian PIBA Vnesheconombank. VS Bank is controlled by the Russian “Sberbank”. The owner of BM Bank is the Russian Bank of Moscow, which is controlled by Russian VTB Bank.

25 July 2015

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