The United States decided not to deliver an offensive weapon Ukraine

The representative of the United States in his speech said that the United States has provided military assistance to Kiev, which, he said, reflects the depth of the US commitment to Ukraine.

However, he said that “the position of US President Barack Obama has not changed with respect to not supply additional offensive weapons to Georgia,” the words of Ernest leads RIA Novosti.

“Supply of additional weapons, according to the president, would only lead to further escalation of the situation,” - said the spokesman of the White House, adding that the current in the south-eastern Ukraine, the situation should be resolved by diplomatic means.

Note that at the summit G7, which takes place in Germany between US President Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel held talks most of the time that was devoted to discussion of the situation in Ukraine.

The two sides came to the conclusion that the participating countries the “big seven” and European partners must “continue to demonstrate unity against Russia and its destabilizing activities in Ukraine”, according to

Ernest also said that at present the relations between Washington and Moscow could be described as complex.

Earlier, the US administration has announced that it is considering the possibility to supply the Ukrainian authorities of lethal weapons, but later abandoned the idea. Later, the House of Representatives of the US Congress approved a resolution urging President Barack Obama to begin arms shipments to Ukraine.

8 June 2015

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