The former head of the executive committee of the party Yushchenko - the U.S. ambassador: “High gas prices are advantageous Ukraine! Money from debtors and collect all accused Moscow of”

“Komsomolskaya Pravda” has continued to publish excerpts from the secret despatches of ambassadors of the U.S. State Department to his confidential meetings with politicians in the CIS. These documents laid the infamous site WikiLeaks. Today’s portion of the report is compromising U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine John Herbst on meetings with Roman Immortal, former chairman of the executive committee and head of Yushchenko’s party People’s Union “Our Ukraine”. It takes place at a time when power was in the Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko and between Kiev and Moscow is going the “gas war”.

Dispatch 03 KIEV 000 337 of January 25, 2006

Topic: Why do gas deal to hand Ukraine

Novel Immortal, head of the party campaign, Yushchenko met with the Ambassador on January 19 and said that the gas deal with Russia, Ukraine is very beneficial. At the macro level, the higher prices will push for the necessary restructuring of the Ukrainian industry - the Ukrainian government itself could not have a crank, and Gazprom will act as a convenient scapegoat.

Fulfilled or not Bezsmertny predictions, time will tell, but his vision of the issue explains why our people do not perceive Ukraine gas deal January 4 as a disaster for its national interests.


Immortal assures that no gas crisis is no more. Cool relations with Russia and the recent agreement made it possible to change public opinion about who is responsible for gas pricing.

He noted that the Ukrainians do not seem to understand before the crisis, which belonged to the monopoly of gas supply “Naftogaz”. Most likely, they also knew that the gas pricing is not the responsibility of the Government of Ukraine. (Note: in the domestic market price establishes a special commission.)

Immortal said that in terms of restructuring the intermediate price of gas at $ 120 instead of 95 would suit them more. The government of Ukraine has no other mechanism to force change, but the price mechanism, both Yushchenko and Yekhanurov understand that perfectly.

According to the Immortal, the beauty of the deal with Gazprom that Ukraine’s government can accuse Gazprom / the Kremlin forced the difficulties of restructuring and thus to introduce changes in the industry that otherwise would not be able to conduct.

Immortal said that Christmas “disassembly” played into the hands of Ukraine, as well as allowed to collect money from debtors for gas deliveries and deal with the price expectations of industrialists. Then he drew a simple diagram, and said that on New Year’s pressure drop in the main pipe was not, as it should have remained the same in Russian and Polish borders. But the head of “Naftogaz” Ivchenko “ideal job done” and temporarily cut supplies to debtors. They are all paid at once, gas supplies were resumed …

12 October 2011

The court ordered the Timoshenko compensate Naftogaz $ 189 million loss
Funds that Timoshenko should Naftogaz will be used for the purchase of gas

• "Gas war" explained "games" Yushchenko »»»
“Gas war” between Russia and Ukraine in January 2009 would not have happened if not for the “game” the ex-president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko with the company RosUkrEnergo.
• Yanukovych will review the contract with Gazprom after the election of the president: "I would like to see gas for Ukraine was worth at least as much as in Belarus" »»»
Party of Regions leader Viktor Yanukovych intends after the election of the President of Ukraine to revise its gas contract with Gazprom.
• Ukraine gas compared to coal (in Kiev have come up with a way to pay less for the Russian fuel) »»»
Ukraine offers Russia to change in the existing gas contract pricing formula for natural gas, linking it to cheaper coal.
• Gazprom proposed conditions of the EU and Ukraine: negotiations will resume the talks will resume only if Ukraine agreed with the European Commission on financial guarantees payment of gas supplies »»»
Russia, Ukraine and the European Union have not yet been able to agree on gas supplies to Kiev on the tripartite talks held in Brussels on the night of Thursday, October 30.
• "Naftogaz" asked "Gazprom" to extend the "winter package" »»»
"Naftogaz" sent a letter to "Gazprom" with a proposal to extend the "winter package" for another year, referring to the proposal of the European Commission.