In Ukraine, the Ministry of Internal Affairs sergeant’s shield, shot two students at the time of the election committee

Night sergeant guarding the Electoral Commission with the ballot papers in the village Starovishnevetskoe, went to the store for alcohol. On his way he met two students on their way to the disco, and quarreled with them. One senior high school student he was shot, and another three wounded in the leg. According to the official version, it was self-defense, and surviving the bully threatens to 5-year term.

25 November 2010

Yanukovych, who called Chekhov’s great Ukrainian poet, becomes an honorary professor at Moscow State University
Ukraine found itself at the largest reserves of shale gas

• In Ukraine, the students suggested that the New Year discounts on beer and cigarettes »»»
In Simferopol, the owner opened the store came up with
• Lviv to speak in Russian can only be from 22:00 to 8:00 »»»
Lviv City Council announced its intention to restrict the use of Russian language and is already preparing the bill.
• Students will learn to Ukrainian electronic versions of textbooks »»»
10-grades Ukraine will start the new school year without textbooks: Education Minister Dmitry Tabachnik acknowledged that the Ministry has a problem with financing the production of new textbooks.
• A resident of Kramatorsk kidnapped in a supermarket magazine "Playboy" and hand cream »»»
Unusual theft could have occurred in Kramatorsk on Sunday, August 14, the store “Brusnitsya.
• Protecting Consulate of Ukraine in Istanbul shot a man with a bomb »»»
Guards Ukrainian consulate in Istanbul, shot a man trying to break into the building.