Tymchuk spill the beans: The army did not want to shoot in the Donbas. The war began criminals who distributed weapons Kiev

One of the main promoters of the war in the Donbas Ukrainian military journalist Dmitry Tymchuk, who after the coup d’etat of the Verkhovna Rada deputy, admitted that soldiers refused to obey an order of Kiev to open fire on participants of the pro-Russian uprising: the first to shed blood agreed to volunteer detachments formed in the PM of the criminals who have received weapons the new authorities of Ukraine.

This Tymchuk said in a broadcast talk show on Channel 112

Asked by a TV presenter, Tymchuk data confirmed that at least 30% of the participants’ volunteer battalions “, fighting on the side of Kiev Donbass, have a criminal record.

“When I heard the statistics, a median with previous convictions in these units - I was shocked,” - said the deputy.

“You have to understand what was the situation to which the volunteer corps were formed And because no one else would fight when in Kiev went ahead on the legalization of volunteer battalions, there was only one problem:.?. All those who are ready to take up arms and go to the front - let him go because if the army does not shoot -. someone has to shoot to stop the aggression, “- said Tymchuk.

He added that as a result of the myth of the heroic volunteers in the end could not hold out for long, and began scandals. “People who perform the sacred task of today, some of them later using a weapon for other purposes”, - says Tymchuk.

18 April 2016

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