Victory Parade in Moscow became the most popular among Ukrainians request

Victory Parade in Moscow - May 9 this request was the most popular with members of the Ukrainian segment of the Internet version of the service on Google Trends.

The second place was occupied at the time of broadcast, “Channel One”, who led the live broadcast from the Red Square. Watch celebrations in the capital of Russia Ukrainians could only via their website (in Ukrainian cable channel did not show it).

Interestingly, at the site of the Russian “First Channel” to 13.00 gone 800 thousand users, Ukrainians among them - 12.5% ​​(about 100 000), although the average annual percentage slightly higher - 12.9. Such data “lead” given in by Internet Broadcasting “First”. In 2014, May 9 percent of Ukrainian users was even higher - 15% (132 thousand users). But as the rest of the day is 10 hours, today the number of unique users from the Ukraine will be higher than last year.

Among the most popular are no queries related celebration of Victory Day in Ukraine. At the same time it is worth noting that follow the holiday shares and volunteers at the Independence celebrations in the Park of Glory and the Ukrainians could on television. Speaking near the monument to Motherland, the President praised the boycott Poroshenko celebration on May 9 in Moscow.

Also of great interest among Ukrainians traditionally sparked song “Victory Day”, which we offer to our readers.

11 May 2015

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