In the Kerch man rescued a wounded young dolphin, which somehow ended up in the river, he took the animal out of the water, called a taxi and took him to the sea

In Kerch, a local resident had saved a little wounded dolphin, somehow caught in the river, according to Spontaneous rescue of white-sided dolphin was held May 10 in the early morning on the river Melek-Cesme.

Marine life caught in fresh water reservoir, said a passing citizen of the river. He went down to the pond, took the animal, and then connects to the rescue of another resident of Kerch, helped get the dolphin. The animal looked haggard, and besides, he was diagnosed with a bleeding wound.

A man who inherited a young common dolphins from the water, he immediately took a taxi and drove the animal to the sea. Soon he was back into their natural habitats. Because the dolphins are not examined by a veterinarian to tell exactly whether the common dolphin cope with the trauma and the effects of stress are not.

Common dolphins can grow to 2.4 meters in length. Adults weigh an average of 65 pounds. The back of the dolphin is painted a dark color, and the stomach - in light gray. Common dolphin is the most common representative of the family Delphinidae in Europe.

14 May 2012

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