Kiev court suspended the operation of the site for violations of traffic policemen

District Court of Kyiv Rodnyansky suspended the site “Ground Control“, designed to protect the rights of drivers and allocation violations of the law officers of traffic police (GAI). This was reported in the blog hosting provider and domain registrar, the servers which was placed the site.
The company points out that the work of the resource has been suspended in accordance with the consideration of a civil action in court Getmantsev GV In his opinion, the site contains information, discrediting his honor, dignity and business reputation. As indicated by the “Ukrainian Truth”, is an inspector Getmantsev Special Forces “Cobra” STI of MIA.

Employees of “Cobra” engaged in, inter alia, support of senior officials. However, in 2008 a special unit was disbanded, but at the end of 2010 revived under the name of a special police squad at the Department of Traffic Police (OMON).

As noted by users’ control of the Road “, January 16 has been published on the site video, in which, inter alia, a policeman in the near future promises to close the resource. A page with this topic is available in the archive search engine Google.

According to the resource, which results in “Ukrainian Truth” in the near future the site will be moved to another hosting service and restore your work. At the time of this writing, the resource remains inaccessible.

15 February 2012

Following in Ukraine “by the court” closed site “Highway of control,” which collected complaints of traffic policemen.
Tymoshenko started to explore the foreign

• Following in Ukraine "by the court" closed site "Highway of control," which collected complaints of traffic policemen. »»»
According to the court Desnyanskiy district in Kiev today, was stopped hosting services site Roadcontrol.
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