Poll: One-third of Ukrainians fear the night to meet a policeman

The majority of Ukrainians (57%) support the police force.

This is evidenced by UNIAN results of a survey conducted by pollster Razumkov Center.

Fully support the police force 6% of respondents supported some action - 26.3%. The remaining respondents were undecided with the answer to the question.

Respondents were asked to evaluate the performance of police of the city or area or in different areas on a 5-point scale where “1″ means extremely low rating, and “5″ - the highest possible rating. Of the eight proposed areas for only one average was satisfactory (more than 3 points) - The work of police officers to protect government officials and citizens to ensure their safety assessed at 3.62 points. For the remaining areas were below average scores 3 points. In particular, the fight against violations of traffic rules has been estimated at 2.88 points; security and public order - 2.75 points, ensuring personal security, and protection of their rights and freedoms - 2.62 points; prevention of crime and punishment - 2.58 points, combating street crime - 2.55 points; disclosure of criminal offenses - 2,53 points. Below all the citizens appreciated the work of police in the fight against bribery and corruption in government, other government agencies: the average score was 2.18 points.

The work of the police of the city (in rural areas - the area) is generally estimated to average citizens to 2.72 points.

During the last year for help in the police turned one in nine respondents (10.9%), but in a timely manner and in full support received only a quarter (24.0%) of those who appealed for help. 30.6% of those who sought help, got it late or incomplete, and a relative majority (43.4%) - was not at all. 1.9% of those who sought help were unable to assess the level of care.

Low enough law-abiding citizens appreciate the representatives of the police. Respondents were asked to answer how they think, will operate an average head of the district police station, if in the course of a criminal investigation, he was instructed by management to commit illegal actions. The vast majority of respondents (61.6%) responded that he would act on the instructions manual. Only 9.4% of the respondents expect that in this case, the department head will go under the law, and 7.4% are inclined to believe that he verbally agree with the leadership, but try to avoid the implementation of guidelines. 21.8% of the respondents ranged from answering the question.

In general, the more citizens perceive the police as a risk factor rather than as a protection factor. Thus, in the situation, if the respondent at night on an empty street I saw a policeman, almost a third of respondents (31.2%) would have taken it as a risk factor and only 20.7% would have appreciated it as a security guarantee, and 31.8% of respondents would not consider it any guarantee of safety or risk factor. 16.3% of the respondents ranged from answering the question …

11 November 2011

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