European Foundation for Children

United Power for the Children eV - European Foundation for Children was established in 2004 to support and assist seriously ill children.
All of our projects, and implemented, and future, are based exclusively on honesty, trust and unselfishness.
The principle of the fund - work only with proven, real stories and honest partners in the field.
Just making sure of the relevance of the request, checking all the documents, medical reports, meeting personally with the asylum - we undertake the work and do everything in our power.
Today, “UPC eV” together into one team of people, quite different professions, ages and social statuses that just as the founders of this organization, indifferent to other people’s misfortunes and grief.
Every day these people find time to make a contribution to help the organization to think together with us, contribute ideas and participate in their implementation.
Help with us!
Your support and assistance to the smallest is very important and significant for us!

27 June 2011

In Azarov found an error in the gas formula Putin: fair price for Russian gas transit to Europe twice a valid
Freedom House sees an analogy in Ukraine and Libya

• Children of Chernobyl, who gathered in the UK, denied a visa »»»
Border Agency Ministry of Internal Affairs of Great Britain has denied visas to children from Belarus and Ukraine.
• Dr. Lisa: "The number of wounded children in the Donbass does not decrease and will not diminish" »»»
The Children's Day Doctor Elizabeth Glinka, who returned from the Donbass with another group of wounded and sick children.
• Ministry of Health of Ukraine declared a general check-up »»»
Yesterday the Ministry of Health announced an order for compulsory annual medical examination of citizens.
• Children Sloviansk asking them not to bomb (photos + video) »»»
Recently, a material with the children of the Slavic in which they express regret over the situation as well as asking them not to bomb.
• Serial suicide of mothers in the Poltava region - the fruits of juvenile justice in Ukraine. »»»
This is a case of suicide is not the only mother in Lokhvytsky area.