Lukashenko has seized a moment for the offense (Belarusian head decided to ignore the meeting of presidents of countries - the victims of the Chernobyl accident)

On the eve of long-planned meeting, Dmitry Medvedev, Viktor Yanukovich and Alexander Lukashenko at Chernobyl representative of the latter suddenly announced that anyone meet the Belarusian leader and not planned. Probably, Lukashenko was offended by Yanukovych for the fact that he could not go to Kiev for a conference the European Union on April 19.

25 April 2011

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25 years of tragedy: myth and reality of Chernobyl

• Lukashenko said the head of the European Commission goat »»»
President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko called “goat” European Commission chief, and had caught the Ukrainian leadership in the “lice”.
• Yanukovych will not be an ally of Russia. He will pursue a policy of "multidirectional" modeled on Lukashenko and Kuchma »»»
Viktor Yanukovych, having occupied the post of President of Ukraine.
• Dmitry Medvedev will be driving a "Victory" »»»
Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has decided to take part in the race.
• Lukashenko on events in Ukraine: Once children begin to do business President - expect trouble »»»
Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said the political crisis in Ukraine and disaster nightmare.
• Secretary General of the Council of Europe is not allowed in the toilet because of Yanukovych »»»
The guards of President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych in Strasbourg, where he was on April 27 with a one-day working visit, became the heroes curious case.