Ukrainian Communists have refused to change the constitution

Communist Party of Ukraine, a member of the ruling coalition in the Verkhovna Rada will not vote for a change to the constitution of the country, according to the website of the party.

The head of the Communist Party Pyotr Simonenko said that his faction has always advocated for Ukraine to be a parliamentary republic, and so it will oppose a return to the constitution, which operated until 2006.

These words were a response to the initiative of the communist leader of Party of Regions, whose deputies appealed to the Constitutional Court with a lawsuit to invalidate the so-called political reform, making Ukraine a parliamentary-presidential republic.

According Simonenko, even if the COP recognizes the political reform illegal, to return to the previous edition of the constitution a decision must be taken by parliament.

According to Ukrainian law, the fundamental law of the country can change only the votes of at least 300 out of 450 deputies.

Without the 27 Communist Party of Regions may not have enough votes for such a decision.

27 September 2010

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