Media: Ukrainians received receipts for utility with a call to serve in NATO

Unofficially, the Defense Ministry say, have to resort to non-traditional campaign as a contract are less than before

New bills with higher tariffs for hot water came from an unusual advertising. Payers for communal call to serve in the NATO peacekeeping contingent abroad, promising high salaries and social package. “News” found out what really lies behind the advertisement.

According to the advertisement, contract employees will pay from 7 to 12 thousand. UAH, provide medical care, benefits, will give the opportunity to get an education and a dorm room. “It is also possible to take part in the NATO peacekeeping contingent abroad Salary -. 1000-1200 euro,” - said in a declaration on the reverse side of bills for utilities that send out mass in Kiev. As feedback hotline number indicated that yesterday, by the way, did not work.


In Kyiv City Military Commissariat assured: to advertise on utility receipts planned for a long time, but due to delays in the capital city administration its appearance was delayed by several months. “It’s part of an ongoing promotional campaign in the whole set of figures on the contract, though we are not 100%, but to perform.”, - He explained the “lead” of the Kyiv City Military Commissariat zamvoenkoma Igor Slyusarenko.

Unofficially, the Defense Ministry specify that at the beginning of the contractual set of people went to them more actively than it is now. Therefore, military commissars have resorted to the most non-traditional methods of campaigning.

The Defense Ministry said that every month take on a contract of about 6,000 people. “Servicemen of the APU can take part in peacekeeping missions in Serbia are now 40 people in Congo -. 266, Liberia - 178″, - says the speaker of the General Staff Vladislav Seleznev.

However, “at the door” to get into the peacekeeping force will not succeed. First you need to sign a contract, and then to declare his candidacy for the competition.

“Competitions are large enough - 10 people in place first selected for physical training -. Norms heavy Then comes a whole series of tests and exercises with psychological selection I guys said that while developing urban combat was very hard, then most dropped out of candidates.. . Rotation there for half a year: you can spend a year in the ATO, go peacemaker make some money and then come back and continue the service. The State is a need to carry out their partnership responsibilities. We provide peacekeepers and help us weapons and consultations “, - says the head of the Society veterans ATO Kirill Sergeev.

15 August 2016

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