Crimean Tatars demanded autonomy

Been set out recently in the Crimea 67-th anniversary of deportation of Crimean Tatars made to the agenda of the Ukrainian authorities a new problem. More than 15 thousand participants of the funeral rally in Simferopol from Kiev demanded that indigenous people in the Crimea the status of national autonomy within Ukraine. Meet this requirement, the central government will not only demonstrate its own weakness, but also exacerbate the mood among the Russian minorities.

In 1991 he was created not received the official recognition of the national parliament of the Crimean Tatars - the Majlis, and also adopted a declaration of national sovereignty. The document clearly stated goal sought by migrants returning to their homeland: “Crimea is the national territory of the Crimean Tatar people, on which only he has the right to self-determination as it is described in international legal acts recognized by the international community. The political, economic, spiritual and cultural revival of the Crimean Tatar people is possible only in its sovereign national state. ”

It is still not repealed the Declaration of violating the Constitution of Ukraine, but none of the presidents did not dare to go to conflict with the returnees.

“Pumping the atmosphere and thereby encouraging the growth of radical Islamist sentiment, some forces may be pursuing the federalization of Ukraine, the weakening of central authority”, - has assumed head of the center “Sotsiovymir Sergei Taran. The expert is confident that the ruling Party of Regions, this scenario is not good enough. But to resolve the situation, fulfilling the requirements of national autonomy, the Yanukovych team also can not: “The Crimean Tatars today make up just over 13% of residents of autonomy. And empowerment are automatically generated to the issue of discrimination against other minorities - especially Russian. In this case, keep the situation under control on the peninsula would be extremely difficult. ”

The expert believes that Kiev will now attempt to limit the expansion of cultural and educational rights of indigenous people. “The question of political autonomy would be postponed, but it still appears on the agenda. If only because that demographic dynamics of the Crimean Tatars is much higher than that of the representatives of the Slavic peoples. Sooner or later the people who survived the deportation, will strengthen its position”, - believes ram.

According to a recent poll, Ukraine consider their home to 82% living in the Crimea Tatars, 81,2% - Ukrainians, 66,8% - Russian.

Current residents of autonomy more than citizens in other regions of the country, aimed to secede from Ukraine and the accession to another state. “Among the Crimean Tatars, 20.7% link the future of the Crimea and Turkey, and only 3,8% - to Russia, and 27,5% ethnic Russian oriented to secede from Ukraine and join Russia. This means that separatist sentiment is in the environment both ethnic minorities, and among them the level of Russian is even higher than among the Tatars, “- said the expert.

23 May 2011

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