Pushkov suggested Europeans look for Democracy in Mukachevo

The Europeans, who believe that there is democracy in Ukraine and almost no right-wing, head of the Duma Committee for International Affairs proposed to go in the western town of Mukachevo, where the shooting took place on Saturday representatives of the nationalist group “Right Sector” with the police and local businesses.

“In Europe, I often say, at the far right is almost no Ukraine, and most importantly there is” democracy. “Let Mukachevo Congresses - take a look at democracy,” - wrote the gun on his page on Twitter.

On Saturday, representatives of the “Right Sector” came into confrontation with the police and local businesses, fired from a grenade launcher and machine guns. According to various estimates, up to three people were killed, 11 injured, although the data are still different. The shooters had taken refuge in the woods and said they lay down their weapons, if only they would order their leader Dmitry Yarosh. Thus they explain their actions to combat smuggling. Jarosch on Sunday arrived at the scene, but did not give orders to his soldiers to surrender their weapons, are negotiating. Throughout Ukraine held rallies supporters radicals.

“Right Sector” - Ukrainian association of radical nationalist organizations. In January and February 2014, gunmen movement clashed with the police and the seizure of administrative buildings, and in April - in the suppression of protests in eastern Ukraine.

In November 2014 the Supreme Court recognized the right radical union extremist organization and banned its activities in Russia. In January, “Right Sector” entered in the register of banned organizations in Russia. Earlier leader of the United Russia against Dmitry Yarosh was prosecuted for incitement to terrorism. Full list of banned extremist organizations on the website of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation & gt; & gt;

13 July 2015

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