Siluanov: Russia will not give consent on debt restructuring Ukraine $ 3 billion

If Kiev does not fulfill obligations, Russia go to court warned the Minister

WASHINGTON, April 17. / TASS / Russia will not give consent on debt restructuring Ukraine $ 3 billion.
The journalists said Finance Minister Anton Siluanov in response to a request to comment on the statement by the Minister of Finance of Ukraine Natalia Yaresko that the restructuring of Eurobonds Ukraine $ 3 billion relates to the mechanisms of the London club.

“We did some restructuring will not give consent. We will be glad to fulfill its obligations Ukraine,” - said Siluanov.
In the event of default by Ukraine Russia go to court. “We will submit to arbitration in accordance with English law, as called for in the event of default or non-compliance of Ukraine to the Russian Federation”, - said Siluanov, noting that the judge of that will be available in December 2015 - when Ukraine must repay the loan.
Earlier, Finance Minister Natalia Yaresko said the TV channel CNBC, restructuring purchased Russian Ukrainian Eurobonds refers to the mechanisms of the London club.
“Currently, the Russian Eurobonds Treasury should be treated equally (with the rest of Ukrainian Eurobonds). We have no reason to regard them as any other loan, but to the” London style “of credit: they were not registered in the Paris Club and to date we notify their final beneficiaries through the depository system, as well as all holders of sovereign bonds, “- she said.

17 April 2015

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