In Germany, condemned the police cannibal

Even experienced law enforcement officers and investigators froze the blood in his veins, when they watched the video, which filmed the former German policeman Detlev Hansel, a father of three children and cannibal jobs: the video he killed, dismembered and ate Wojciech Stepmpnievicha, whom he met at a specialized Internet resource devoted to cannibalism.

Today German court convicted former officer to 8.5 years in prison. Previously, the state prosecutor insisted on 10.5 years of imprisonment, as a consequence considered that Hansel dealt with the victim, directing …

3 April 2015

American armored shells neighborhood of Mariupol
Tymoshenko urged to eliminate “Naftogaz of Ukraine”

• Serial suicide of mothers in the Poltava region - the fruits of juvenile justice in Ukraine. »»»
This is a case of suicide is not the only mother in Lokhvytsky area.
• Family drama into a public outcry. (Photos and Video) »»»
The new turn of events in the history of the parents who can not share five children.
• Dr. Lisa: "The number of wounded children in the Donbass does not decrease and will not diminish" »»»
The Children's Day Doctor Elizabeth Glinka, who returned from the Donbass with another group of wounded and sick children.
• Ukrainian programmer mutilated his grandmother and ate the flesh of another living female »»»
In Ukraine, police detained a young programmer who has committed a terrible act of cannibalism, to kill his elderly cousin.
• Kiev court suspended the operation of the site for violations of traffic policemen »»»
District Court of Kyiv Rodnyansky suspended the site “Ground Control”, designed to protect the rights of drivers and allocation violations of the law officers of traffic police (GAI).