Lyashko required to disclose “killer” for Ukraine’s memorandum with the IMF

KIEV, May 19 - RIA Novosti. Memorandum of cooperation with the IMF provides for raising the retirement age, the resolution to sell the land and strategic targets, said the leader of Ukrainian Radical

20 May 2016

City A.M .: Reason Ukrainian troubles not Putin, and rampant corruption

The crisis in Ukraine, many experts accuse Russia, as well as in the war in Iraq - the IG, but this is only a consequence, but not the cause of the problems in these countries, writes City A.M. Even

4 May 2016

American armored shells neighborhood of Mariupol

Militias have reported shelling Shirokino under Mariupol American armored vehicles. New heavy weapons, which is not in the Ukrainian army, according to militia fighters, was equal to the ground with

2 April 2015

War without survivors. For Ukrainian military graves were procured for the future

Kiev hides the real casualty figures. According to the DNR, but the last few days have been killed more than 200 soldiers. Place in the cemetery have been prepared. Who and what to pay for the land

20 January 2015

The Sunday Times: Reports of the attack “Vostok” battalion at a checkpoint on the border with Russia

Nailed to land a flurry of bullets "My face with such force pushed into the ground, I can feel the taste of dirt on his lips. On my body armor and helmet, brand new, but I feel completely helpless,"

10 June 2014

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