Ukraine could lose the export of milk and meat because of the spread of the disease

Ukraine could lose the right to export grain, dairy and meat products because of the spread from the Balkans virus nodular dermatitis, striking cattle. This was reported by the press service of the

9 August 2016

Rosselkhoznadzor may prohibit the import of pork from Ukraine because of swine fever

Rosselkhoznadzor is considering a ban on the import of Ukrainian pork to Russia. This was said on Monday the newspaper "Vedomosti". "Rosselkhoznadzor concerned about the spread of the virus African

3 August 2015

In Nezhinsky boarding (Ukraine), died from an unknown virus, 5 children

Unknown disease in Chernihiv region. Five inmates Nezhinsky boarding school for children with central nervous system died. Four more are in intensive care. A 10 children - in the infection

12 August 2010

"Burning Light" victims of swine flu in Ukraine was reminded doctors formidable "Spaniard"

British researchers studying a strain of swine influenza responsible for the outbreak of respiratory disease in the Ukraine, suspect that it occurred

16 November 2009