OSCE observers confirmed the mortar shelling of the territory LNR Ukrainian military

In the last report of the Special OSCE observers monitoring mission carried out an analysis of craters after shelling in the village of Yellow Luhansk People's Republic, and at the checkpoint in the

16 August 2016

“They think that the Ukrainians as a species have from time immemorial”

"Romantic interpretation of the territory of Ukraine as a member, we none of us." Russian "names did not steal We voluntarily abandon it.", - He told the newspaper VIEW academician Peter Shcheglov

12 July 2016

Parliament Speaker called the residents of Eastern Ukraine “Moscow invaders”

Opinion of the east Ukraine on decommunisation can be ignored, as in Soviet times, the region was populated deliberately displaced from other areas of the USSR, the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of

3 June 2016

Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry condemned the attack on the Russian embassy and called on Moscow to ensure the protection of diplomatic and consular offices of Ukraine on its territory

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned the attack on a Russian diplomatic and consular offices in the country. "In connection with inquiries of acts of vandalism against diplomatic institutions of

12 March 2016

Political unrest in Kiev that Washington used the heavy “artillery”

No resignation of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine will not be. The United States will impose a temporary order in its mandated territory and settle down for a few months. This conflict has been

4 February 2016

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