Boxer Barbel supported Belenyuka and called him a “hero” - for the truth about the situation in the country

Ukrainian boxer Alexander Barbel approved the recent statements by the silver medalist of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in the Greco-Roman wrestling Jean Belenyuka, accused the authorities of

3 September 2016

They want to leave the country 65% ​​of Ukrainians

The number of Ukrainians are ready to take up permanent residence abroad has increased significantly compared to September last year - is now willing to leave the country 65% ​​of the citizens. This

30 August 2016

Ukraine could lose the export of milk and meat because of the spread of the disease

Ukraine could lose the right to export grain, dairy and meat products because of the spread from the Balkans virus nodular dermatitis, striking cattle. This was reported by the press service of the

9 August 2016

“We are forced to!”: In Ukraine explained why not want to give Russian debt

The Minister of Finance of Ukraine Alexander Danyluk explained why his country does not intend to give the Russian debt. In Kiev, consider that it is the duty of the former president, Viktor

27 July 2016

Groisman proposed a ban on divorce Ukraine

Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman proposed a ban on the country's divorce. He said this during a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. "I do believe that we should support the initiative of

14 July 2016

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