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Payette said there is no evidence of Russian allegations of sabotage in the Crimea

US is not received from Russia evidence that Ukraine is ready to terrorist provocations in Crimea, said US Ambassador to Ukraine Jeffrey Payette. "The US government has not seen any evidence of

11 August 2016

Trump: US attempts to force return Crimea to Ukraine could lead to the Third World

Earlier, in an interview with ABC television billionaire suggested that the Crimean people made a choice in favor of Russia, and the United States should take this into account US presidential

2 August 2016

Ukrainka lobbies in the US establishment of the center of anti-Russian propaganda

"Center for Information Analysis and Response" established as a way to combat the "Russian disinformation" in the bill, tabled for consideration in the US Congress. In March of this year in the US

26 July 2016

Polish journalist offered to settle Lvov Poles

Mariusz Max columns - one of the most popular Polish journalists, who lives in the United States, tried to predict further developments after the referendum in the UK. At its channel on Youtube, he

18 July 2016

Flags of the planet. US - East Coast.

Today we will focus on the East Coast of the US. From here began the colonization of North America in the early XVII century. It is here were the main theaters of military operations during the war

14 May 2016

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