Kiev: “This pig Putin, we still do not insert”

RIG SAKHAPRESS.RU Ukrainian TV presenter: Putin again rubbing his hands, "a pig Poroshenko he has not enclose." In the Rostov prison sigh of relief, a stone fell from the shoulders, former and

27 May 2016

Rada deputy Mustafa Nye called the results of the referendum verdict Poroshenko

President Petro Poroshenko was contrary to the request of the people and their own slogans in the past two years, "choosing the past," said Mustafa Nye. The MP advised the Ukrainians have the courage

7 April 2016

Across the Atlantic with an outstretched hand: Ukrainian delegation visited the US

Kiev to pay debts to creditors, and the United States will maintain sanctions on Russia up to the full implementation of the agreements Minsk - at least so say in Washington. Actually, this is the

14 July 2015

“You left your native shore, and to the other and do not stick”

I do not remember the details, but still left the aftertaste from the possession of happiness and discovery. It was 30 years ago. Holding in his hand 1 ruble and 10 kopecks, I came to the

9 July 2015

Attention. Opposition split!

Evrointegranty able to seize almost all regions of Ukraine and hold them in their fees. One of the cities that did not submit to their will - the first capital of Ukraine, city of military glory -

10 January 2014

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