Rade offered to recognize the genocide of Ukrainians from Poland

MOSCOW, Aug. 4 - RIA Novosti. Verkhovna Rada deputy Oleh Oleh Musiy registered the project on the recognition of the genocide of the Polish state action in relation to the Ukrainians in 1919 - 1951

4 August 2016

While the lords quarrel, the US dragged through parliament a law on the sale of the final remnants of Ukraine. The project “Ukraine” is closed. extras available

Personally for me in yesterday's performance with another "retirement" Yatsenyuk had no intrigue. Yet really understand who is the real ruler of the Ukraine. But on Twitter American ambassador did

17 February 2016

US urges Russia to feed Ukraine on

The United States for the first time openly spoke out against a key energy projects in Russia - "Nord Stream - 2". State Department almost verbatim repeated the same words that recently said

7 November 2015

Yatsenyuk: “Nord Stream-2″ will deprive Ukraine $ 2 billion in profits [old song about the main thing]

MOSCOW, November 6 - RIA Novosti. In the case of the project "North Stream-2" Ukraine will lose two billion dollars in profits, said Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk after meeting with the heads of

6 November 2015

Gerashchenko wants to criminalize a “paid” rallies

Anton Gerashchenko drafted a law that criminalizes the organization proplachennyh rallies. This is the MP from the "Popular Front" said on his Facebook page. "Today, in Ukraine there is not any

13 March 2015

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