Kiev residents set the price of gas at $ 285 per thousand cubic meters at a cost of $ 210 in Russian - Zheynova

Ukrainian government in May sells gas to the population produced 30 percent more expensive in the country, than is Russia. This was stated by Chairman of the Committee on Budget, Finance and Economic

17 May 2016

The first scandal in the government Groisman. Finance Minister hastily cover their tracks

After the information on the appointment of the new Minister of Finance Alexander Danyluk, a British firm, which he led until recently, hastily changed the description of its activities. Editing

14 April 2016

Vova Groisman still agreed to head a new cabinet of ministers of Ukraine

Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Vladimir Groisman said that he agreed to head the next cabinet, said on Wednesday, April 13, "Interfax". The politician also said about reaching a compromise

13 April 2016

Nuland said that while the IMF will not lend to Ukraine

Due to political instability in Ukraine, the International Monetary Fund and the US government can not provide additional financial assistance to the Ukrainian authorities. This was stated by US

16 March 2016

Foreign Policy: Ukraine fell into the trap of their own government

Ukraine can not get out of the vicious circle - it is understood that the current government will lead her into the abyss, but it is afraid of his shift, says American edition. MOSCOW, February 13 -

13 February 2016

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