Turchynov accused the West is that it is not prepared to defend Ukraine

Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) Oleksandr Turchynov said that the disarmament of the country 21 years ago was "meaningless." According to him, are now strategic partners

5 December 2015

Diversification in Ukrainian: nuclear waste to be buried near Kiev, to please “Western partners”

Tass reported that the Ukrainian concern "Energoatom" (the operator of the Ukrainian NPPs) and the American Holtec International agreed to build in Ukraine a centralized repository for spent nuclear

7 February 2015

Apple prohibits selling their products in the Crimea because of US sanctions

Apple is forbidden to sell their devices in the Crimea. Russian representation of the corporation shall send the appropriate letters to partners. In December last year, the United States announced an

22 January 2015

Post “ATO” Why Putin’s peace plan is working (”The National Interest”, the United States, Nikolai Petrov (Nicolai N. Petro))

"If the peace process started something and shows is the fact that Russia is the only indispensable partner of Ukraine in ensuring stability and prosperity." Despite enormous obstacles, Minsk

22 October 2014

Russian Press: Yanukovych not satisfied neither the EU nor Russia

Ukrainian fork "I do not think the question on what to do with Ukraine. But guess in Brussels and Moscow came to the conclusion that it is impossible to deal with Yanukovych - he unreliable partner

3 December 2013

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