Ukraine could lose the export of milk and meat because of the spread of the disease

Ukraine could lose the right to export grain, dairy and meat products because of the spread from the Balkans virus nodular dermatitis, striking cattle. This was reported by the press service of the

9 August 2016

The stores in Ukraine becomes more and more imported “milk”

The most active Ukraine increases the import of oil, milk and cream For five months of 5.2 thousand. Tons of dairy products were delivered to Ukraine, which is 13.6% higher than last year's figures

9 June 2016

Kiev year fed cheese from the radioactive milk from cows suffering from leukemia

In the capital’s supermarkets sold cheese, made by Chernobyl, from the milk of cows suffering from leukemia.

In the Kiev region, 35 kilometers from the Chernobyl workers of veterinary police

21 July 2010