The first scandal in the government Groisman. Finance Minister hastily cover their tracks

After the information on the appointment of the new Minister of Finance Alexander Danyluk, a British firm, which he led until recently, hastily changed the description of its activities. Editing

14 April 2016

Entertaining propaganda. The ideology of the eternal losers

No, I'd never be a psychiatrist, attending the "great ukrov"! And it's not that their illness is very started, and that the psychiatrist occupation must listen to with a straight face about all the

18 February 2016

In Ukraine revoked the licenses of all Russian banks

Due to the ownership structure of the Russian National Commission on Securities and Stock Market has canceled the license for certain activities in the stock market five banks, said the commission

25 July 2015

New-York Times came out with a devastating article about the regime Poroshenko, Yatseniuk

One of the most influential newspapers in the world New-York Times today has come out with a devastating and frank article on the results of the government euromaidan. Ukraine called bankrupt

21 May 2015

Poroshenko ordered to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the victory over the Russians

Presidential decree prescribes organize festivities over the fighting on Mount Poppy. Poroshenko signed a decree "On the celebration of the Ukrainian Sich Riflemen and the 100th anniversary of their

23 April 2015

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