Summer. Heat. June. Savchenko going Donbass provoke Russia? Interviews military expert A.Leonkova

Source: No sooner had the summer come into its own as tapes of news agencies were full of information about the discharge situation in the Donbass. Press service of the LC June 2 reported

4 June 2016

Modern Ukrainian defense industry can not do without the primitive wooden stumps and goats

Lovers carefully examine at first glance unremarkable images found among the audience Bloomberg. Made reporters images allowed to know about how to collect the armored cars in Ukraine "Dozor-B." It

26 March 2016

Ukrainian army put into another shape (Norwegians accused of Ukrainian soldiers in the Army copy form)

The Norwegian manufacturer of military equipment filed against the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine a lawsuit for copyright infringement. Norwegians accused of copying the Ukrainian military army

24 November 2015

Kiev security officials have expanded the zone of fire outskirts of Donetsk

Kiev security officials have expanded the zone of fire Donetsk airport, he found himself under fire district "Volvo Center" on the outskirts of the city. This was announced on Tuesday a source

10 November 2015

The Baltic sprats in the Russian market have replaced the Crimean

Crimean fishermen in 2015 have worked well, said "Russian news service," the head of the Federal Fisheries Agency Ilya Shestakov. "We have increased the amount of the allowed catch for fishermen in

16 October 2015

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